Carrot dreamy fresh recipe

Carrot dreamy recipe is a very easy dessert. I used to make carrots with carrots and biscuits first. If the stuffs are the same, this sweet is a flavor, a real dream .. :) If you complete the production stage without showing anyone, it is hard to understand that it is carrot, giving a sweet orange sensation, a very light recipe.
1 kg carrot
2 cups of powdered sugar
4 tablespoons starch (crumbling)
2 pack vanilla
1 lemon peel rim
1 lemon juice
Pöttibor biscuits for sorting in between
How to make a carrot dream

Peel the carrots, boil them in large chunks and boil them in 5 water-glass juices. Pass the scalded carrots with water to the rondos and mash them.

Add the sugar, lemon juice, shells and vanilla.

Blend to the consistency of the puddle until cooked.

Soak a medium amount of my water with water, pour a thin layer of pudding on a layer of biscuits index and on top of it with the aid of a scoop. Do this as many times as you like. I preferred to make 4 layers by using borrowed rectangle. Decorate it in the way you want (cream, walnut, pistachio etc.), serve at least 3 hours in the cupboard.