You guys freaked out of the Mezze platter we did back for Easter (I mean it was the most liked instagram photo I ever posted EVER) – so I figured we should probs up the ante for Memorial Day no!? Get ready… it’s the Appetizer Board to end all boards!

I mean, can we just take a moment to look at this situation. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted piled onto a board that you can easily assemble and then transport outside for your memorial day party! My friends over at DeLallo hooked it up with all their delicious meats, cheeses, olives, snacks… the whole nine yards. There is absolutely zero cooking involved which is so incredible on days when you’re expecting a crowd. No shame in taking some help from the store or ordering a few things on their website!!

Making the perfect Appetizer Board is an art form – and you need a few things to get started! Meats – get a few varieties, some spicy, some herby, some sliced thick, some thin. Cheese – again, get a variety! Anything you’d want to nibble on. Olives – these add endless flavor to a cheese board and who doesn’t love a briny olive! Bread sticks – because you need carbs. Obviously. Nuts and dried fruits – because as much as I’d like to only eat meats and cheese all day, we can mix it up a little bit for good measure. And there you have it!

DeLallo Hot Sopressata Salumi
DeLallo Calabreses Hot Sausage
DeLallo Italian Herb Sausage
DeLallo Olives Gigantes
DeLallo Calamata Olives
DeLallo Green pitted olives
DeLallo Italian herb sausage
DeLallo Sea salt grissini breadsticks
DeLallo Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta
DeLallo Sesame breadsticks
Pepper Jack cheese, sliced or cubed
Gouda, sliced or cubed
Monterey Jack, sliced or cubed
Manchego cheese, sliced or cubed
Jack cheese, sliced or cubed
Dried apricots
Dried apples
Dried cranberries
Assorted Crackers
Thinly sliced prosciutto
Marcona almonds
Sesame cashews