Slow Cooker Italian Beef

My mother in law gave us this recipe years and years ago, to make this Slow Cooker Italian Beef. However in her recipe, it calls for using pepperoncinis. I loved it, however, I find the sliced pepper rings to work better for me! I love the texture as they have simmered with the beef for hours in your crockpot! You can buy the spicy ones, or mild, depending on how hot you want them to be. You can also use giardiniera in the crockpot in place of the pepper rings for a milder, flavorful substitution. Well, as long as you don’t buy the spicy giardiniera that is.

Now that my son is home from boot camp we’ll be having this Italian Beef for sure. And stay tuned, because I have a great use for the beef in this recipe, should you have any leftovers!!

3 pound top round roast (I used boneless)
1 envelope Italian dressing seasoning mix
1 jar (16 oz) mild pepper rings (don't drain)
giardiniera and french rolls, for serving